Made with Nature - The Candles

All the candles are hand poured and decorated in small batches, and as per the aim of Nature Glow by Rose, the candles are made with as many natural or recyclable ingredients as possible.

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Soy Wax

We chose to use 100% natural soy wax because it is vegan, sustainable and a much needed alternative to paraffin which is derived from petroleum and releases carcinogenic soot when burned. Soy is a clear alternative for both the environmental benefits and health benefits, but it also makes better candles as it has a longer burn time and a larger scent throw.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used to scent the candles. They are extracted from parts of plants which is why we use them as opposed to fragrance oils which are made from synthetic compounds. Essential oils are also known to have various health benefits. Despite this, and although they are only used in small percentages, please check with your doctor if you are pregnant or have young children before using. All the ingredients are listed with the products. We have tested combinations and percentages to ensure the best hot and cold scent throw.

Cotton Wick

Cotton wicks are the other wick option you can choose. We use TCR pre-waxed wicks because of their performance in soy wax. These do have a small amount of paraffin coating to make sure it remains upright when burning, but this amount is negligible and they don't contain toxic aluminium. We have also tested these wicks to ensure even melt pools and good hot scent throws are achieved.

Wooden Wick

Wooden wicks are one of the options for wicks you will soon be able to choose when buying your candles. They are sustainable and clean burning, and if you listen closely can hear a faint crackling sound! They make the melt pool a slightly darker colour when cooled which is an aesthetic we think emphasises the use of natural materials. We have tested the wicks to ensure even melt pools and good hot scent throws are achieved.


Toppings of the candles have been added because we couldn't resist adding a decorative touch to match the scent! Then after test burning we really loved watching the items sink into the first melt pool then disappear as it cools, and then the excitement of them reappearing in the melt pool again and we hope you do too!

Glass Jars

Glass jars were chosen because they are either recyclable or reusable. First though, to remove the excess wax, either pop it in the freezer for half an hour then break up the wax and remove the wick, or pour in boiling water so the wax rises to the top and scoop it out once cool. Then wash the jar with soap and water, and put it through the dishwasher if reusing for food, and you're good to go! Ideas for reuse include a flower vase, bits and bobs storage, snow globe, night light, tealight holder, plant pot... The ideas seem endless so we'd love to see how you're reusing yours! Use #natureglowbyrose, or tag @natureglow_by_rose!

Metal Wick Sustainer

Wick sustainers are used to keep the wick in place as the wax cools and to provide a surface to stick to the bottom of the jar. They are metal and can be recycled, or the wooden wick ones can be reused if you fancy trying some candle making yourself!


The logo sticker and safety stickers are all made from recycled plastic and printed with vegan ink.

Label and Packaging

The label and all of the packaging is cardboard so can be recycled. Or reuse the packaging for some of your own parcels!

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