Fresh Forest: Cotton Wick

Fresh Forest: Cotton Wick


Inspired by the crisp aromas from a forest's foliage and lush green surfaces, this soy candle contains an essential oil blend of Patchouli, Tea Tree and Pine. The scent is fresh and green as well as clean and pleasant. It is the ideal candle to light after cleaning the whole house or to relax or when you just want to bring the nature of outdoors in.

- Firstly, please never leave a burning candle unattended!

- Before lighting, place the candle on a heat resistant, level surface away from anything that can catch fire, children and pets.

- If you do have pets, make sure that they are able to leave the space where the candle is lit in case they become uncomfortable.

- Light the candle with a long match or lighter, and be aware you might need to hold the flame close to the wooden wicks for longer than you do for cotton ones.

- On the first burn, keep it lit for 3-4 hours to ensure a nearly full melt pool to avoid future tunneling.

- If you have toppings on your candles, pay special attention to them on the first burn to ensure they melt into the wax and don’t get too close to the flame, and you can always remove if you wish.

- After extinguishing, replace the lid to avoid dust collecting, but don’t use the lid to extinguish the flame.

- Always ensure that the wick is upright, above the wax and central before the wax sets.

- After the candle has had at least 2 hours to cool, or just before relighting, always trim the wick to about 3mm to reduce the flame size and therefore reduce the chance of creating soot or damage to glass. You can use wick trimmers, scissors, nail clippers, or your fingers to snap off the charred part.

- On subsequent burns, burn for at least 2 hours, preferably 3, to ensure an even melt pool, but never burn any longer than 4 hours, to reduce the risk of glass overheating.

- Never touch or move the candle whilst lit because the glass gets hot, especially on the neck and shoulders, and when the candle is reaching the bottom of the container.

- When 10mm of wax remains, extinguish and do not relight.

- Reuse your jar for whatever you wish, after removing the wax, wick and cleaning.

- Most importantly, ENJOY!