Trimmed Timber: Cotton Wick

Trimmed Timber: Cotton Wick


Inspired by the aromas when you bypass the recently felled logs on a forest walk, this soy candle contains an essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Birch. The scent is a lovely combination of deep woody notes from cedarwood and birch, and the sweeter scent of Ho Wood. It is amazing when lit next to the bath to transport you to a relaxing spa experience, or next to the fire to accentuate it's warm scent. When well cared for, this candle has an approximate burn time of 35-45 hours.

- Glass jar and lid

- Soy wax

- Cedarwood essential oil

- Ho Wood essential oil

- Birch essential oil

- Cotton wick

- Tiny leaf


See the 'Made with Nature- The Candles' page for more information.